Top Tips for a Great Wedding Arrival

24th September 2021
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24th September 2021 Josh Markham

Top Tips for a Great Wedding Arrival

Your wedding arrival should be a smooth and exciting experience – one that you remember forever. While most people focus on the wedding plans taking place at the actual venue, you should make sure you spend enough time also thinking about how you’re going to arrive. After all, that’s the first impression guests are going to have of your wedding! To make sure you arrive in style, follow these top tips.


Ride in a Classic Car

Deciding on a vehicle is the first step – in our opinion, there is no better way to arrive at your wedding than in a classic car. It’s classy, timeless, and provides a dash of luxury you can’t find in most vehicles. Plus, you get the added bonus of a chauffeur! There are a couple of different types of classic cars to choose from, so have a look at our to choose the one that’ll work best for your special day.


Decorate the Vehicle

Decorating is a big part of any wedding – if you have a theme, you could even incorporate it into your car’s decorations! You don’t need to go too over the top, but making sure the car is identifiable as a wedding car gives it that elegant extra touch. Some flowers and ribbon work perfectly!


Book in Advance

Wedding planning is almost like a sport. It’s stressful trying to book everything in advance, but it’s even more stressful to realise you haven’t got a car figured out a month before your big day. So, to ensure you’re not left disappointed, book your car far in advance. This will give you a chance to really think about which model to go with, too – even better, make enough time to see the cars in real life. That way, your decision will definitely be the right one.


Take Pictures!

You might have the perfect spot in mind for taking wedding photographs, but don’t forget to tell your photographer to snap pics of you coming out of the car. It’s moments like these that make the best pictures, as they allow for candid shots during the most important moments of your day. To ensure the pictures are as beautiful as your wedding, be sure to smile when getting out of the car!


Pick the Arrival Spot

You might not think about it until the big day, but that would be a mistake. Your arrival spot is a crucial part of your wedding, as it is where guests will greet you and where you’ll have your getting-out-of-the-car pictures taken. So, to ensure the moment isn’t a let-down, pick your arrival spot in advance and make sure the driver knows exactly where they are to stop.


Enjoy It!

Once you have your classic car booked, ready to whisk you to the best day of your life, remember to enjoy every moment. After all, your wedding day is never quite long enough, so savouring every moment is a must. In the future, you will look back on those moments in the car and wish you were sat back in that seat, just to experience that mixture of nervousness and excitement once more.

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