Wedding Hire Costs

You are looking to hire a wedding car for your special day, but you are unsure about how much your dream car will cost and if it will fit into your budget. It may very well be the first time you have looked at hiring a wedding car.

When it comes to prices for wedding car hire, it’s important to think about where you are travelling from and where you are travelling to. This will allow us to offer you an accurate wedding car quote based on the information you provide us with.

If you live or you are staying at a hotel locally and have picked a wedding venue near by, the price of hiring a wedding car will be less than if you live/plan to get married further afield. We also have to take into account how long you will need the car, with some weddings lasting much longer than others. This also applies if you require a wedding car to pick you up from the venue later in the day.

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