John Davis

A very well planned and timely driver and chauffeur. In the 1990’s I attended and Completed a Rolls Royce Chauffer course.  I always pre plan required wedding destinations using google backed up by old fashion maps, yes maps!  My main aim is to be on time and know where I am going beforehand.  I have been chauffeuring for many years and I always do my homework on a booking to avoid unnecessary stress on the day.
Hobbies include:- A passion for classic cars and Yoga.
Age 62 years old but fit as a fiddle.
Driving the Bentley flying spur is a real pleasure; it always draws breath when people see its beautiful lines.  Sitting inside the car is a lifetime experience and the perfect way to start any wedding ceremony.

Chris Bradbury


Full driving licence held since 1964, never disqualified and currently no penalty points

Competition licence held for three years (Saloon car racing)

BSM High Performance Course – pass

Institute of Advanced Motorists course – two passes

Grolier Advanced Evasive (anti-kidnap) course – pass (USA)

Grolier Advanced armoured sedan car course – pass (USA)

Police check certificate (Disclosure & Barring) no: 000954881281 and still valid.

Speciality : driving pre-war cars / modern armoured passenger cars

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