“John Davis – A very well planned and timely driver and chauffeur.

In the 1990’s I attended and Completed a Rolls Royce Chauffer course.
I always pre plan required wedding destinations using google backed up by old fashion maps, yes maps!
My main aim is to be on time and know where I am going beforehand.

I have been chauffeuring for many years and I always do my homework on a booking to avoid unnecessary stress on the day.
Hobbies include. A passion for classic cars and Yoga.
Age 62 years old but fit as a fiddle.

Driving the Bentley flying spur is a real pleasure; it always draws breath when people see its beautiful lines. Sitting inside the car is a lifetime experience and the perfect way to start any wedding ceremony.
I hope to keep driving couples for many years yet as I always enjoy my chauffeuring work.
John Davis.

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