25th November 2021 Josh Markham

7 Inspirational ideas for your wedding theme

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner, so it’s important to pick a theme that truly suits the pair of you. Having a unifying theme can be a big help when it comes to choosing everything from the menu and colour scheme to the design of the invitations, so it’s a good idea to make this one of the first decisions you make about your big day. If you’re not yet sure what to go for, here are seven ideas to spark your imagination.


1. Bohemian

A boho wedding is perfect for free spirits and creative souls. You can bring in lots of natural aspects such as dried flowers, as well as whimsical design elements such as balloons and mismatching chairs. This theme goes particularly well with outdoor weddings, plus those that have a more casual dress code and informal food options.


2. Your favourite TV show, book, or film

If you and your partner both love the same TV show, film or book, why not make that the theme of your wedding? It could be anything from Harry Potter or Star Wars to Sherlock or Alice in Wonderland and opens lots of doors for truly unique decorations and dress codes. It’s up to you how subtle you want to keep it!


3. Travel

Travel is a great theme for couples who love to explore the world. You can decorate the venue with maps, globes, and vintage luggage and send your invitations on postcards or inside pretend passports. Alternatively, you could focus on one specific part of the world that you both love. Don’t forget to incorporate some real travel by booking your wedding car hire in London!


4. Fairytale

For those who have been dreaming of a traditional wedding, a fairytale theme could be ideal. Opt for a black-tie dress code, a stately home or castle as a venue, a formal three-course meal, ornate flower arrangements everywhere, a multi-tiered wedding cake, plenty of champagne flowing, and a string quartet for the music.


5. Modern minimalist

If you’re after something with more of a contemporary vibe, a modern wedding is worth considering. These tend to be characterised by monochrome colour schemes, geometric shapes, sleek and minimalist decor, and venues with an industrialist undertone. This theme also gives you plenty of scope to mix up wedding traditions if you want to.


6. Alternative

Couples who truly want to break from tradition might like to go for an alternative wedding. You could find a quirky venue, ditch the traditional white dress in favour of a colour scheme you love, hire an unusual form of entertainment, have a bouquet that’s not made of flowers, rent arcade games for the reception… literally anything that takes your fancy!


7. Beach

Beach weddings have long been a popular choice, but even if you’re not actually getting married by the sea, you can still have an oceanic theme. Think shells, anchors, palm trees, waves, boats, and beach huts for your decorations, plus plenty of tropical cocktails for the reception. This is another theme that lends itself nicely to a more casual dress code and dining style.

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