Pre-Wedding Stress: How to Make Planning a Wedding More Enjoyable

29th October 2021
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29th October 2021 Josh Markham

Pre-Wedding Stress: How to Make Planning a Wedding More Enjoyable

Everyone that has ever planned a wedding knows the stress that comes before it. While the big day is likely to be one of the best days you’ll ever experience, the lead-up to it can be filled with so much stress you feel like throwing the whole plan out of the window. Luckily, there are ways to ensure the planning goes as smoothly as the wedding day itself.


Write a List of Everything You Need to Plan

There is so much to plan for a wedding, from the transport to the venue to the catering. It can feel like too much to handle. To make this process easier on yourself, write a large list of everything that you need to plan in advance and keep it safe. That way, you know you won’t miss anything.


Consider highlighting the parts that are most important to you on your list, too. If you want to ensure you get the best wedding car hire in London, highlight that bullet point so you can book it as soon as possible.


Book Everything Early

Next, you need to book as much as you can as far in advance as possible. Leaving wedding plans until the last minute is the worst thing you can do, as the best stuff will already be booked for other weddings! The venue, especially, should be considered months (or even years!) before your actual wedding, especially if you want to get married in a popular location.


Keep Your Friends Close

It’s important to enlist the help of your friends and family when planning a wedding. At least the ones who are happy to help! Even when you’re not looking at bridesmaid dresses or deciding between steak or seafood, it’s important to keep your loved ones close to help reduce the stress.


Know Your Priorities

Some wedding plans won’t always work out, but if you want to avoid too much stress, know your priorities. Maybe you know the exact venue you want to get married in or the guest list you want to attend. By knowing the things you cannot budge on, you’ll be more flexible with your other plans.


Indulge in Some Pre-Wedding Luxuries

Many brides and grooms spend so much time trying to perfect their wedding day that they forget to enjoy themselves before that. On top of your hen or stag do, allow yourself to enjoy some fun and relaxation before the big day arrives. You could take a couples’ getaway, visit a spa, or simply spend a weekend doing absolutely nothing – no planning or work allowed.


Remember Why You Are Getting Married

The best way to eliminate wedding planning stress is to remember why you are doing this in the first place. As long as you are excited and happy about getting married, your wedding day will be nothing short of beautiful.


Here at, we understand the importance of a perfect wedding day. By planning the extra luxurious touches like your wedding car in advance, you can enjoy the run-up to your big day in peace.

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